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Is success on your radar?

You know how to run your business. But business is ever-changing. The needs becoming more complex; the environment in which your business operates, changing quicker than the seasons. If you want to be successful, you need a plan. Do you have one?

how we help:



The reasons why your company exists. This will guide you in your decision making.


Figure out what you want to achieve. Quantify those goals. Set a deadline.


How you intend to get there. What action needs to be taken to hit your success.


What you need to dedicate to getting to your end goal. Breaking down the plan into smaller targets.


The result of the plan vs. the original goal. Taking action to bridge the gaps.

success is planned; it doesn't just happen

Are you stuck in a rut? Does it feel like there is never any cash left to live your dream life or just work less? Is your business cash positive but profit poor? 

Profit needs to be a habit; not a pipe dream. The same way that your business needs to be a cash machine not a cash eating monster. 

"But how do I get there? Is it even possible?"

Oh, it's more than possible. 

With careful planning, meticulous strategy & water-tight tactics, it's achievable.

Enter The Synergetic Success Strategy.

Meet Jess. Founder of Anaptyx UK.


A certified Accountant, I built my successful accounting practice, Middleton Professional Accounts Services, from scratch during a global pandemic and unstable economy, alongside my husband Luke. 


Using strategic accounting. 

I then realised I could help other businesses do the same thing by formulating a plan and mapping out a strategy that was measurable. 

Since 2021, Luke & I have helped numerous business owners achieve their success and go beyond:  formulating, strategizing, implementing, ready to take on whatever comes their way. 

I am passionate about businesses AND business strategy. Specifically, accounting strategy. 

Anaptyx UK was born of this passion. 

I believe that businesses are like trees.

Trees  are ever growing, ever-changing organisms, with an unbelievable ability to adapt to their surroundings.

Your business is no different. Or at least it shouldn't be. 

Like a tree, your business' sustainable, achievable growth starts with solid roots - a lot of which is unseen.

Then as time goes on, something strong, stable and truly beautiful flourishes for all to see.

And the roots? They continue strengthening beneath the surface. 

Anaptyxi is the greek word for growth. 

At Anaptyx UK, we work with forward thinking CEO's to establish sustainable growth strategies, making profit a habit. 

Want to make profit a habit?

how it works:


I believe in synergy. 

Def. Synergy: the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.

I believe that putting strategy together with your business & your understanding of your business, makes for a match made in heaven. 

So I created

The Synergetic Success Strategy

Set over 12 months we work to set you:

  • Achievable personal & business budgets

  • SMART Goals for your business

  • How to implement the Profit First Method


To add to that, we also:

  • Discuss, set and review the 5 strategy questions

  • Look at the two major forces at work in your business

  • Predict and constantly monitor business growth

  • Have a quarterly 60 minute business growth review 

But we don't end there. You receive:

  • Mid-month Voxer check in

  • A monthly goals & obstacles worksheet to enable you to break down targets and challenges

  • An end of month accountability call to make sure you're staying on track

  • A dedicated portal so that you can access your work sheets anywhere

Are you ready to clarify the vision, formulate & implement the strategy and achieve the end result? 

still unsure?

check out what clients are saying

I am so pleased I booked quarterly strategy sessions with Jess. I have an amazing plan in place that is extremely achievable. I have found her support invaluable to me and my business.

Stacey Keen

I had no idea if I was really moving forward in my business. And then my session with Jess was AMAZING and totally overwhelming. It was such a proud moment & I started the year feeling confident!

Sinead Campbell

 I’m learning a lot and implementing new things within my business that will only strengthen it but I truly couldn’t have thought of doing this without Jess!  I’m excited to see where the next year takes us! 

Ffion Mai, Ciwticles

we're not messing:



No. We set 12 months as the time scale to implement the strategy over a sensible period of time. You may decide you want to carry on or do another complete 12 months; we will tailor a plan as necessary. As for support, we never will abandon you. The programme comes with 3 months voxer support after the 12 months is up.


If you are concerned about money, talk to us. We can tailor a bespoke payment plan to suit your financial needs. Otherwise our payment options are upfront, 3 months, 6 months or 12 months. We want to be flexible to ensure your business reaches its goals.


No matter the age of a business, it never wants to become stagnant. Neither does it want to become a cash eating monster. This programme will make sure that your business adapts to changes and you achieve the level of success you desire!

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