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Growth | Sustainability | Stability

What we do

Here at Anaptyx UK we work with business owners to create their financial legacy.

Feel like you're working full time but seeing no financial reward? Struggling to pay those invoices on time? No money left for YOU? Thinking about a retirement plan but don't know how it's possible?

Anaptyx can help you.


⚡️Maximise profit

⚡️Improve cashflow

⚡️Create long-term wealth

Sound good?


Who I am

The road to Anaptyx UK

I never wanted to run my own business.

There were many reasons:

The graft
The time
Not knowing who to turn to

I never doubted if I could do it. But I doubted if I could DO it.

In other words, I never had a doubt that I could build a business; I doubted if I had the physical, mental & emotional energy to.

But unforeseen circumstances didn’t give me a choice.

In August 2020 my husband & I founded our accounting practice

We aim to simplify accounting and help all business owners take their business to the next level.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

…or is it?

My lack of desire for starting my business because of how I felt, and the reality of those feelings when starting our business made me realise I needed to do more.

Something’s got to give. Or some one.

If you could have someone onside to be there helping you design & build a strategy to maximise profits and grow your business beyond your imagination, wouldn’t you?

If you could choose to have someone who has been in your shoes and has experienced those ups and downs, to help you weather them or even better, avoid them, wouldn’t you?

If you could benefit from the abilities of an individual to soak up knowledge and successfully apply to business, wouldn’t you?

Hi, my name is Jess and I am a strategic accounting specialist. Welcome to Anaptyx.

We exist to help YOU produce the results you deserve.


What My Clients Have to Say

I am so pleased I booked quarterly strategy sessions with Jess. I have an amazing plan in place that is extremely achievable. I have found her support invaluable to me and my business.

Stacey Keen

I had no idea if I was really moving forward in my business. And then my session with Jess was AMAZING and totally overwhelming. It was such a proud moment & I started the year feeling confident!

Sinead Campbell

We have only been working together a short while but already Jess has given me a clearer view on my business and my finances. I can't wait to see where my business goes in 2022 with Jess

Jasmine Sawyers

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